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The optimum route to the perfect product

The quality of a product is "created" during its production. In the manufacture of all frames components we therefore combine modern production technologies, high quality materials and the pooled expertise of our highly qualified staff who work closely together in the areas of development, manufacture and production.

High quality materials

We only use high quality material in the production of our frames. Surplus materials are not reused for optical components, even in recycled form.

Modern production technology

The production of optical components is carried out in fully automated production lines with climate-controlled injection moulding and injection compression tools of the highest quality. In addition, special immersion and spin coating processes provide reliable surface finishes. Quality testing using modern measurement equipment and a continuous documentation procedure guarantee that the highest standards of quality are maintained at all times and in all production processes.

Quality that meets the highest standards

All our products meet the relevant standards and directives of the European union (EU) and therefore carry the relevant quality marks which are valid throughout Europe - as required by law.  This means that you can be sure that you will always receive a quality product which meets the very latest safety standards.

ISO certification

Our high quality standards are maintained at all times and this is demonstrated by the fact that SHOWXIN Eyewear has been awarded certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001.